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Athens, Georgia, Its Time To Get Your Trade On

Athens Barter
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Up in this piece, we share, and we barter, with other Athenians. That being said, this is by no means limited to the people in Athens, Georgia, but is for everyone who wants to be involved in sharing with others.

Basic Rules Include:
1) No use of Currency. Offering to sell or looking to buy things with money is prohibited.
2) When you want to trade or give, post "OFFERED" at the beggining of your title, or when you need something, post "Wanted"
3) Use this Community and other people and bartering as a means to get your goods as often as possible!
4) If someone is ripped off, then the rip-offee (as opposed to the person doing the ripping off) can make a post, explain the entire situation (which may or may not happen) and let people decide whether or not to deal with the person they dealt with.

And from there it is open game. Trade anything, trade everything.